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About Kinzie Station

Kinzie Station apartments are part of a sub-community near River North apartments and West Loop apartment and is categorized by the brand new high-rise towers that comprise the neighborhood. The neighborhood features new grocery stores, retail shops and parks, plus popular dining destinations. With proximity to Ogilvie and Union train stations, Kinzie Station apartments are the perfect place for the commuter or someone who wants to live in the newest buildings with great amenities.

Why Choose an Apartment in Kinzie Station?

With the West Loop to one side plus River North and the Loop sitting across the river, Kinzie Station apartments grants residents access to all of Chicago’s hot spots. If you want to live in a luxurious high rise and have a pain-free commute, Kinzie Station is the neighborhood for you.

Other Notable Spots for Kinzie Station Residents Include:

  • Fulton River Park
  • Carnivale Restaurant
  • Jefferson Tap and Grille
  • Blue Agave Restaurant


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