2021 RoundUp: Our 3 Best Moving Blogs

March 1, 2022 | By Andrew Lemna
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Are you moving in 2022? Here are our best moving blogs filled with expert tips for your next move. These blogs cover everything you’ll need to get ready for your transition to a new home!

Our Top Moving Blogs

What is Transferring Apartments, and Can You Do It?

This moving blog covers everything you’ll need to know about transferring apartments! Transferring apartments is another term for moving to a new apartment unit within the same building as your current unit! In certain cases, transferring is an option for you! We cover the process of figuring out if transferring is a good path and then executing the transfer. Also check out more apartment moving tips after reading this blog!

Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Apartment Before Moving Out

When moving out of your apartment, you’ll have to spend some time cleaning before you move on to your next space. This blog lays out the responsibilities you have as a tenant moving out as well as practical tips for actually cleaning! In addition to covering the requirements, cleaning your apartment is a great way to set up the next renters for a great first impression of their future home. This is a must read before you move out of your apartment!

When is the Best Time to Move in Chicago?

Although there is no perfect time to move, there certainly are better times than others! In this blog, the topics of moving based around your needs and when to start searching for your new apartment are covered. Additionally, this blog covers what time of year to move based on rental prices and even offers some tips for finding the best places to rent in Chicago!

Moving is a big change! Finding a new home, gathering your belongings, and then settling into a new lifestyle can all be overwhelming. However, by taking the time to prepare and educate yourself with resources to help you move, it doesn’t have to be intimidating. After reading our best moving blogs, you’ll be in great shape to take on your next move with confidence!

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