2021 RoundUp: Our 6 Best Budgeting Tips for 2022

February 23, 2022 | By Andrew Lemna
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Is a better budgeting plan on your list of goals for this year? Use our best-performing Chicago costs and budgeting blogs as a trusted resource! Below you’ll find a few of our favorite blogs to help you save up.

Our 6 Best Budgeting Tips

1. How to Estimate Utility Costs for Your Chicago Apartment

This blog covers the basics when it comes to understanding your monthly utility bills. Electricity, gas, water, cable, internet, and garbage are all utility costs that may be a part of your budget consideration. We cover how much to expect as a Chicagoan, as well as some money saving tips to keep in mind when factoring in utilities with your apartment budget.

2. Effective Rent vs. Actual Rent – What’s the Difference?

For first time renters, understanding effective rent vs. actual rent can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be! This blog breaks down the difference between the two types of rent in simple terms. Give this blog a quick read to educate yourself on which rent we believe to be preferable when negotiating your next lease.

3. Here’s What $2,000 Rent Will Get You in Downtown Chicago

This comprehensive blog covers everything you’ll need to know about what $2,000 rent will get you in the downtown Chicago neighborhoods. Broken down by individual neighborhoods with actual listing information for units within this price range, you’re sure to find your future home in this blog!

4. What’s the Right Rent vs. Salary Ratio for Chicago?

This question will definitely come up when you’re looking for your first place in Chicago. If you have a great job but still don’t know how much you should actually be looking for in terms of your personal rent range, look no further. This blog covers concepts like income qualification, the 33% rule, and looking at the whole picture when making your decision.

5. How Much Rent Can I Afford in Chicago? Our Experts Answer This Essential Budgeting Question

This blog continues to answer the question of what rent range you should be looking within when searching for your Chicago apartment. Tips in this blog include percentage rules for making your choice based off of your income, as well as some listed units that may fall within your rental budget.

6. Downtown Chicago Apartment and Condo Rental Fees Explained

Whether you’re renting an apartment in a building that is designed for renters or you’re in a condo building renting out someone’s personal unit, you should expect some fees. Give this blog a read to understand how move-in fees, utilities, and amenities are all factors to consider when looking for your next place in Chicago!

Understanding Chicago rental costs and effectively budgeting for your apartment doesn’t have to be tricky. With these budgeting tips at your disposal, you’re sure to have all of the education you need to save up and find the right apartment for your own budget.

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