Broker Round Table: District 1860

July 4, 2023 | By Luxury Living Chicago Team
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district 1860 apartments

District 1860 Apartments in Lincolnwood offers a contemporary and upscale living experience in a vibrant community. Situated in a prime location just north of the city, these apartments provide easy access to shopping, dining, entertainment, and transportation options.

District 1860 Apartments

Lindsay Huth: Every unit at District 1860 feels so bright and airy — from the floor-to-ceiling windows to the white kitchen cabinets. There are so many unique layouts to choose from, so whether you value more space, a unique layout, or a certain number of bedrooms, residents are bound to find something that suits their preferences!

Amenities at District 1860

Amy Galvin: I love the acre of outdoor amenity spaces. This building is perfect for empty-nesters looking to downsize and have a full amenity experience. It’s also ideal for young professionals looking to move out of the city without losing the experience of living in a luxury high rise. 

Lincolnwood, IL Location

Christine Carr: When I’m at District the word “Community” comes to mind. There is a wide range of people sharing a beautiful fun space that allows for many activities that go on alongside one another. Also connected retail like a coffee shop and a grocery store extend the convenience and neighborhood feel.

District 1860 Apartments

7215 District Ave, Lincolnwood, IL, USA


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