2021 RoundUp: Our 7 Best Apartment Design Blogs

February 7, 2022 | By Lauren Bozarth
Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Want to find an apartment design and layout that balances your taste and needs? If so, check out our most popular apartment design blogs from 2021.

7 Best Apartment Design Blogs

  1. What is a One Bedroom + Den Apartment? This blog breaks down and defines what constitutes a “den.” These popular Chicago apartment layouts provide nice extra space for those who may not need an entire spare bedroom. Learn about the multi-purposes that dens offer, such as offices, at-home-gyms, or a reading nook.
  2. What is a Convertible Apartment? This question is often asked because convertible apartments are a popular layout option. Plus, not all other markets use this terminology. Our team explains that this layout usually refers to a studio apartment with an additional alcove for bedroom space or even an obviously allocated spot for a bed. It even walks through other popular layouts available.
  3. What is a High-Rise Apartment? For those new to city living or high-rises in general, check this blog out. It explains exactly what you can expect from these common apartments and lists a few of our favorite Chicago high-rises.
  4. The Best Floor to Ceiling Window Apartments in Chicago – With so many incredible sights in Chicago, these types of apartments allow residents to get their own awesome views from their own homes. This blog highlights apartments across the city that boast this highly sought-after design feature.
  5. What are Private Entrance Apartments? Those who appreciate extra privacy, especially in a big city, will benefit from this post. After reading, you’ll better understand the benefits of these apartments and how to find a home with this feature.
  6. Small Apartment Design Trends – If you’re looking to spruce up a small space or are considering a smaller apartment, this blog is worth a read. You will find practical and popular design strategies to maximize your space in a stylish way.
  7. Apartment Furnishing Ideas – Home design and furnishing go hand-in-hand. Our team collected some of the best furnishing ideas for all types of apartments inspired by the top Chicago apartments in this post. You’ll hear suggestions involving furniture placement, decoration types and more!

Trying to find the Chicago apartment of your dreams to test some of these design tips and tricks on? Contact Luxury Living Chicago Realty and let one of our experienced brokers help you find your perfect fit!

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