Luxury Living Chicago Realty’s New River North Office

January 12, 2022 | By Lindsay Smith
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We moved! We are so thrilled to finally announce our brand new hybrid office space, situated in the heart of River North at 420 W Huron Street.

Our New Hybrid Workplace at 420 West Huron St., Suite 100A

Most companies have an office and we, instead, are re-defining what a workspace means at Luxury Living Chicago Realty. That workspace is LLCR “HomeBase”.

In describing our process of moving into a hybrid workplace, we did a lot of research. We had many conversations with our team members, we listened to input from several thought leaders, and analyzed some data. Weighing out a physical vs. digital vs. combination workplace for months. In the end, we decided upon a combination, for a few reasons:

  1. Digital, because our digital platforms and processes carried us all throughout 2020 and into most of 2021 as well. We could do it all online. And some of us found that you could stay more laser-focused in your own zone as well.
  2. Physical, because we longed for togetherness. Meetings weren’t the same online; you just couldn’t connect online like you do in person. And throughout 2020, keeping up with each other was tougher than it ever had been before.

And that’s why we decided hybrid was the way to go.

Mid-2020, our current office was coming up for renewal and we started looking for a new option. That’s when we stumbled upon Expansive. This coworking space at 420 W Huron has dedicated office space for companies, private meeting rooms, and shared space for all types of work. We moved into an office, but it didn’t feel quite like “home” just yet. That all changed in 2021.

Around July of 2021, we moved into a larger space at Expansive, and were determined to make this place truly feel like home. Because that’s what 2020 taught us. We all need a place that you could truly feel at home at. A place where you could do all types of work. Work we refer to as Field, Flow, and Studio.

Field, Flow, Studio

In the simplest way, this lays out the three basic types of work and space our team need to be successful.

Field is the execution environment. Where the game is played or the sale is made.

Flow is the collaboration environment. Where ideas and skills are shared and further shaped.

Studio is the deep-work environment. Where ideas and skills are created and honed.

And in our new office at 420 W Huron St, that is shown in a few ways. In Flow, we have several collaboration areas, from 6-person workplace pods with desktops to a couch/lounge area to a cozy corner with bistro-style seating. In Studio, we have plenty of “get stuff done zones” as well, like 1-seater high-tops to other smaller seating groups sprinkled throughout the space. And Field is, well, in the field!

We are so excited for our new office “HomeBase” in River North!

If you’re interested in learning more about Luxury Living Chicago Realty, looking to make a career move, or are simply searching for a new apartment or condo in Chicago, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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